Pony Plush Commission

Specifics Terms

  • My plushies are made with Cuddle 3 minky fabric (by Shannon fabrics). They will be ordered from minky-europe from France (orders can take 1-2 weeks)
  • I use my own pattern design of body, head, mane and tail
  • For embroidery designs I use a Brother Innov-is V3
  • Eyes and cutiemarks are directly embroidered on fabric
  • I use Amann isacord embroidery thread or Madeira embroidery thread
  • There will be my signature embroidered into the bottom of the hind hoof and my label on the hind leg
  • Plushies are stuffed with polyester fiberfill
  • For balancing I put poly pellets in the hindlegs for better standing (Princess size ponys have wire in the legs)
  • Head, bottom of hooves, wings, horn, mane and tail are hand sewn. I use an inverting stitch that is not seen at the front
  • My designs develope by each pony to get the best results
  • I can make 3D Eyelashes, if you want
  • My plushies are made in a smoke-free environment
  • I have three cats, if you are allergic to cats, keep this in mind

Price Terms

  • Payment will be via PayPal (I will send you an invoice) or banktransfer (for EU)
  • Payment will be in EUR
  • Full payment is required before I start with OC´s. Half payment upfront for Show characters and the other half after finishing.
  • I do not give discounts. It´s  not fair to other commissioners

Sizes: (from hoof to the top of the head; without mane)

  • Standing mares: approx. 50 cm tall (without mane)
  • Princesses: approx. 90 cm tall
  • Laying Pony: approx. 55 cm long
  • Standing Beanies: approx. 28 cm
  • Griffin: approx. 55 cm
  • Stallion: approx. 55 cm

Price management depend on:

  • Size
  • Breed (unicorn, earthpony,...)
  • Colors (one color with 0,5 m cost 12€)
  • Complexity of embroidery
  • Complexity of mane and tail
  • And if I have a pattern of the creature or not

Shipping Terms

  • I ship worldwide from Austria with standard international post, incl. tracking number
  • Shipping costs does not include any taxes or import charges and have to pay by the commissioner. Please check this before
  • I take no responsibility for damage and loss of packages (if you like to have an insurance for your package, please tell me. There will be some extra costs)
  • EU: 10-30€ (depending on country and plush size) - 5-10 workingdays
  • US: 30-45€ (depending on plush size) - 12- 14 workingdays
  • Rest of the world: 30-45€ (depending on plush size)

 Commission time

  • I sew plushies beside my job and my two young twins. So therefore my sewing time depends on life situation.
  • Each commission takes about several weeks to complete (without shipping and ordering materials)

 Returns and Cancellations

  • No returns will be accepted
  • If you like to cancel your commission it depends on if I started the commission or not. If not I will refund your purchase minus PayPal fees and cost of ordering materials.
  • If I started the commission already no refunds may be issued.

 Handling Terms

  • My plushies are handmade creations (some parts are stichted by hand). So therefore a rough handling is not recommended otherwise some parts can get damaged. I will not take responsibilty if some parts get damaged, so please take care of it.
  • My plushies are also not suitable for washing machine. Only handwash with a moist towel will be fine.

Standard mare from the show:

  • Earth Pony: starting at 350 EUR (2 colors)
  • Pegasi
    • with folded wings starting at 360 EUR                                                       
    • with open wings starting at 380 EUR
  • Unicorn: starting at 360 EUR (2 colors)
  • Alicorn: starting at 380 EUR (2 colors)

Standard Mare

My standing standard mares are all about 50 cm (20 inch) tall.

Twilight Sparkle: 450€ (standing with closed wings)

Apple Jack (with hat): 380€

AJ Laying: 410€

AJ sitting: 450€

Rarity: 420€

Punk Rarity: 540€

Fluttershy: 370€ (closed wings) 400€ (open wings)

Fluttershy sitting: 450€

Fluttershy Laying: 400 €

Flutterbat: 470€

Pirate Fluttershy: 570€

Gothic Fluttershy: 570€

Pinkie Pie (standing): 360€

Pinkie Pie (laying): 390€

Pinkie Pie (sitting): 420€

Pinkie Bat: 440€

Pinkamena: 380€

Pinkie King Sombra: 540€

Rainbow Dash (standing with closed wings): 480€

Other ponys from the show:

Sunset Shimmer (standing): 480€

Other commissions - Standard Mares:


Princess size: approx. 90 cm tall

  • Luna: 800 EUR
  • Prinzessin Celestia: 1000€
  • Tempest Shadow: 900€
  • Daybreaker: 900€
  • Nightmare Rarity: 800€

Small Princess: approx. 50 cm starts at 500€


 Beanies size approx. 20 cm tall. They are not so detailed than big mares because of the tinyness.

  • Regular Beanie: starts at 250€


Filly size approx. 30 cm tall

  • Regular Filly: starts at 280€

Baby size approx. 20 cm tall

  • Earth Baby: starts at 180€
  • Pegasus Baby: starts at 200€
  • Unicorn Baby: starts at 190€


Maremaids - Seaponys (starts at 350€)

  • Length: approx. 35 cm
  • Width: approx. 25 cm


Kirin size approx. 55 cm tall

  • Autum Blaze: 550€


Griffin size approx. 55 cm tall

  • Gallus: 530€
  • Gabby: 580€


Dragon size approx. 70 cm tall

  • Ember (750€)
  • Smolder 680€


  • You can commission OC´s but I need excact references how the pony should look like
  • Complicated pattern cannot be made such as flecking, gradients, more than 3 colors on the body
  • Gadients cannot be done because I dont have an airbrush system
  • OC´s starts at 400€

Commission form

Please fill free to send me your ideas and reference sheets of your pony.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.