What is a quiet book?

also called soft book, busy book or cloth book


A quiet book is a book, usually made out of fabric, filled with quiet activities for any age children. The typical target age range for quiet books is about two to five, focusing on skills like matching, sorting, imaginative play, and getting dressed (zippers, ties, lacing, etc.) It's often used for special times, for example in restaurants when you need to keep children happy and quiet. It´s a nice "toy" for old an young.

Individual Quiet Books:

I can make individual books for each type of child. It also depends on style, games and pages.


You find my prices here.


Quiet Book 1


Put a photo of your child inside.

Page 1 and 2

The farm. Lot´s of farm animals to play with.

Page 3 and 4

Pick some fruits and vegetables.

Page 5 and 6

Page 7 and 8

Page 9 and 10

Back Cover