Lefays Creations

Plush Creator & Art designer

Hi Guys,

Plush Creator and Art Designer

I ´ m Martina, the founder of Lefays Creations.

As an artist, I work on everything that I enjoy.

My favourite themes are:

– „My little Pony“ Plushies

– Amigurumis

– Mixed media artdolls

– Keychains

If you are interested in orders or plushies you will find them on my website.

Side under construction

I am working on a new website for you. Be curious what else is to come.

Current commission list

Celestia 80%
Connie Blume 90%
OC Swift Shadow 70%
OC Leaf 70%
OC Zombie Nurse
OC Zombie Nurse 20%
OC Chibi Acrylic Storm
OC Zombie Nurse 10%
OC Chibi Jessie
OC Zombie Nurse 10%

Waiting list

  1. Tempest Shadow
  2. Starlight Glimmer