Specific Terms
  • My plushies are made with Cuddle 3 minky fabric (by Shannon fabrics). Other fabrics and materials ca also be used by arrangement.  
  • I use my own pattern design of body, head, mane and tail.
  • For embroidery designs I use a Brother Innov-is V3.
  • Eyes and cutiemarks are designed by me and directly embroidered on fabric.
  • I use Amann isacord embroidery thread or Madeira embroidery thread for all applications.
  • Plushies are stuffed with polyester fiberfill.
  • For balancing I put poly pellets in the hindlegs for better standing (Princess size ponys have wire in the legs).
  • Head, bottom of hooves, wings, horn, mane and tail are hand sewn. I use an inverting stitch that is not seen at the front of the fabric.
  • There will be my signature embroidered into the bottom of the hind hoof and my label is seen on the hind leg.
  • My designs develope by each pony to get the best results for you.
  • Every plush is made in a smoke-free environment.
  • I have cats, if you are allergic to cats, keep this in mind.
General Price Information
  • Payment will be in advanced via PayPal (I will send you an invoice upfront) or banktransfer (for EU).
  • Payment will be in EUR.
  • All price quotes are without shipping costs or possible custom fees.
  • All prices are VAT exempt.
  • Full payment is required before I start with OC´s.
  • Half payment upfront for Show characters are possible but the full amount must be paid before shipping.
  • I do not give discounts. It´s  not fair to other commissioners.
Specific Price Information
The price range depends on many factors which you can read below:
  • Size
  • Breed (unicorn, earthpony, …)
  • Colors
  • Complexity of embroidery
  • Complexity of mane and tail
  • Complexity of the pattern
  • Outfits
  • Custom wishes
Size Information

Size matters!

Yes, it does. Because even a small pony shows the same amount of work as a standard size. Sometimes it is even more complicated because you have to work much more precisely.

Standard sizes are shown below. All sizes are hoof to ear and do not include mane and tail.

  • Standing mares: approx. 50 cm (20 inch) tall
  • Standard Princesses: approx. 90 cm (35,5 inch) tall
  • Standard Laying Pony: approx. 55 cm (21,65 inch)  long
  • Standard Laying Princess: approx. 90 cm (35,5 inch) tall
  • Standard Stallion: approx. 55 cm (21,65 inch) tall
  • Standard Griffin: approx. 55 cm (21,65 inch) tall
  • Small Ponys: approx. 28 cm (11 inch) tall
  • Small Princesses: approx. 50 cm (20 inch) tall
  • Foals: approx. 30 cm (11,8 inch) tall
  • Babys: approx. 20 cm (7,8 inch) tall
  • Dragons: approx. 90 cm (35,5 inch) tall
  • Mermaids: approx: 25 cm (10 inch) tall and 50 cm (20 inch) long
  • Chibis: approx. 10 cm (4 inch) long
Shipping Terms
  • I ship worldwide from Austria with standard international post, incl. tracking number
  • Shipping costs does not include any taxes or import charges and have to pay by the commissioner. Please check this before
  • I take no responsibility for damage and loss of packages (if you like to have an insurance for your package, please tell me. There will be some extra costs)
  • EU: 1030€ (depending on country and plush size) – 5-10 working days
  • US: 25-50€ (depending on plush size) – 12- 14 working days
  • Rest of the world: 30-55€ (depending on plush size)

Important information about foreign shipping

Tolls, taxes, and other fees not indicated in the total price may apply to international shipments.

Returns and Cancellations
  • No returns will be accepted
  • If you like to cancel your commission it depends on if I started the commission or not. If not I will refund your purchase minus PayPal fees and cost of ordering materials.
  • If I started the commission already no refunds may be issued.
Handling Terms
  • My plushies are handmade creations (some parts are stichted by hand). So therefore a rough handling is not recommended otherwise some parts can get damaged. I will not take responsibilty if some parts get damaged, so please take care of it.
  • My plushies are also not suitable for washing machine. Only handwash with a moist towel will be fine.
Green and Black Pony
Sewing Terms
  • 3D Eyelashes can be made
  •  Custom patterns are possible but will cost extra
  • Airbrush is possible
  • Faux Fur can be used for mane and tail
  • Glow in the dark yarn is possible
Terms and Conditions
  • My